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About us

Guangzhou West Doors and Windows Curtain Wall Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014. We focus on facade design & consultancy, and assist client, architect and contractor to complete facade project through our professional technical service.

Personnel composition:

There are 20 staffs doing professional design work. Most of them have rich experience in domestic and foreign projects. The director who experience in design and development has nearly 20 years of curtain wall industry and there are 5 people having more than 10 years of industry experience.

Business Characteristics:

We focus on full range of facade design & consultancy, and provide overall solution for curtain wall system.  Our services could be  throughout the whole curtain wall project. Create a leading and iconic curtain wall to meet all the requirements of customers. It is the center of attention of every projects that to ensure our professional services could meet the customer's requirements. We listen to customer's requirement, and cooperate with customers, until there is an efficient and feasible scenario. Let us do the most proud of is to meet customer's budget while still maintaining the building curtain wall the best quality.

Business Scope:

As an independent third-party organization specializing in curtain wall construction consultation, our services have encompassed every stage in curtain wall project. We help owners create maximum value and provide services for architects to complete the curtain wall project with the highest levels of quality through our overall services in projects. 

1、 Architectural facade design

Under the client's requests and architect's guide we can get involved in the early stage of construction projects to conceive curtain walls designs of safety, reliability, atheist, and economy, as well as designs in accordance with architect's original construction concept. The designs can be also used as curtain wall tender drawings which function as guide drawings in tender.

2、 Facade tender consultation

In the tendering stage of projects, we can cooperate with owners and architects to provide all biding enterprises with fair competition with each other on a stage with principles of the same technical requirements, the same materials and the same qualifications. We can also assess and eva luate every solution provided for project tender through the most comprehensive and professional methods in building facade industry, so as to select the best contractors whose solutions are the most accordant one to technical requirements of the project.

3、 Shop drawing design

We have a experienced senior design team and have a rare ability to design & analyse the facade system with complex geometry . Based on fully understanding of the intent of the architects, we proceed deepening design, structure calculate and thermal analysis. We persist in reasonable cost performance to save the cost for the construction and  achieve the maximum effect of the facade.

4、 Fabrication drawing design

We have a senior design team in the industry, and can provide complete processing drawings, assembly drawings and material take off lists for all materials in the whole facade project.

5、 Construction supervision

In the stage of construction, we can carry out quality check and control through our understanding on the project and professional capability to ensure the construction quality. In order to find out problems existing in the construction, such as operation onsite not in accordance with shop drawings, materials used not complied with terms and conditions in contract and so on, and notify constructors to solve them in time, we will implement regular inspection in the factory and on the site. Besides, we can make full use of our professional experience to help contractors solve technical problems appearing in the construction.

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