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About us

1) Customer value first

If an enterprise can't create value for its customers, it will lose the rationality of its existence and the significance of its existence. Customer value first means that WST must be able to provide professional services, accurate insight and realize customer value through our actions. Better customer achievement is not only the complete embodiment of the value of WST company, but also the constant guidance of the sustainable growth direction of WST.

2) Team value is higher than individual value

When individual success is incompatible with team success, team value must be higher than individual value. In WST, there should be no situation where individual value is greater than team value, and no one's pursuit of success can be higher than team success. On the premise of compatibility with team value, we encourage everyone to actively pursue personal value realization.

3) Respect profession

There are no jobs that have nothing to do with the mission, and no jobs that have nothing to do with love. Career is the only bridge between personal talent and achievement. To respect one's career is the greatest respect for one's dream and the fundamental guarantee for the realization of one's dream.

4) Be in awe

There is no constant market and no constant competitor. Always be in awe of the market, peers and customers. Only in this way can we constantly break through ourselves and achieve ourselves.

5) Innovation and development

Encourage innovative thinking, persist in continuous learning, be good at using on advanced models, experiences and methods, and be diligent in applying the latest technological methods to achieve innovation at the grassroots level, innovation at the post, everyone has innovation, and all employees can innovate.

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